Apple and the Serpent: Writing native applications for Apple platforms in Python

Russell Keith-Magee, BeeWare ProjectPart of DW16

Everyone knows you can write iOS, OS X, tvOS and watchOS apps using Objective C and Swift, Apple’s officially blessed technologies. But what if you want to use a different language? What if you’ve got an existing codebase in a different language, or want to us a language that is more approachable to people without a background in programming?

This talk shows how Python can be used as a viable development language for Apple platforms. It explores the mechanics of how Python can interact with native Apple APIs, and demonstrates some related tools that make the process of creating an iOS, OS X, tvOS or watchOS project in Python relatively easy.

Dr Russell Keith-Magee is a 10 year veteran of the Django core team, and for 5 years, was President of the Django Software Foundation. He’s also the founder of the BeeWare project, developing GUI tools to support the development of Python software. When he’s not contributing to open source, he’s the CTO of TradesCloud, a company providing integrated job management software for tradespeople.