Swift TDD Workshop

Giovanni Lodi, mokacodingPart of DW16

Writing testable code is a proven way to produce code that has higher quality, and which is easier to reason about and maintain.

This workshop focuses on the Test Driven Development (TDD) practice, and how iOS developers can apply it.

The content starts with the basics of testing in Xcode, and advances onto techniques like dependency injection and network stubbing. It then finishes with a look at the Quick framework and its companion matchers library Nimble which provide an alternative toolchain for writing tests.

The workshop is organised as a series of exercises and katas which for the attendees to solve in pairs, and share with the rest of the group. The focus is on interaction and collaboration.

Giovanni, Gio for friends and /dev/world attendees, is an iOS Testing and Automation consultant, focused on helping teams improving the quality of their software and processes using testing, continuous integration, and more.

Gio blogs about testing, automation, and bits of functional programming in Swift at http://mokacoding.com, manages the http://theiostimes.com newsletter, and sometimes blabbers on air at https://www.briefs.fm/til.

In his spare time he’s always on the lookout for something new to learn, from programming in Haskell, to cosmology. He also is a great Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fan.