Creating Neural Networks with the Accelerate Framework

Axton PittPart of DW16

Machine learning is the a bubbling topic in the industry, but how do we take advantage of this technology to create better apps? In this session we will start from the basics of Markov models, hidden Markov models and neural networks, then move to the process for making a neural network for a specific task in image processing, and finally how the new BNNS API in the Accelerate framework helps us to implement and run neural networks on Apple platforms.

Axton is a mobile developer at Roam Creative Ltd. in Auckland, New Zealand. He has been working on watch apps since the Apple Watch was released and is passionate about it. He is a recent graduate and attended WWDC 2016 on a an Apple student developer scholarship, with travel support from the AUC. The topic of machine learning and neural networks is a new focus for him.