Onboarding in a Culture First Environment

James Smith, Culture Amp Part of XW17

We’ve all been there, you’ve just stated a new job and you’re excited to get to work, the only problem, you don’t have access to the systems needed for your job, you can’t setup your equipment (or it hasn’t arrived), and to top it off the right people didn’t even know you started today.

This is a new hire’s worst nightmare and worse still, it reflects badly on you. I’ll be covering what we can do to improve onboarding, what tools you can use to automate the process, and how to keep your head above water with a growing team.

James is a Systems Engineer for Culture Amp, a 100 person startup based out of Melbourne, SF, NY, & London focussed on Employee Engagement.

In a previous life he has been a Barista, DJ, and Technical Director for corporate events.

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