Practical Troubleshooting

Duncan McCracken, MondadaPart of XW17

As the access to behind-the-curtain is becoming scarce, its important to maintain effective troubleshooting techniques. Basic things like being able to read a log file on iOS simply aren’t possible, so what do you do when you have an issue that you haven’t seen before and no diagnostic information? This session will cover some very straightforward techniques that will help you effectively isolate issues, source and leverage the right information, and resolve the problem.

Duncan is the Technical Director of Mondada Pty Ltd, an organisation leading the way in creating installation packages for OS X deployment solutions.

With over 20 years working with Apple and associated products Duncan as a consultant and has worked with some of the leading integration companies at home in Australia and around the world. He is known for his willingness to adapt to new playing fields through embracing different technologies, and his knack for creating modular, re-usable solutions.

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