Bash Programming for Beginners

Tony Williams Part of XW18

This workshop will start with understanding, setting up and using the command line before moving on to simple shell programming. Along the way we’ll cover the flow control and looping, command results, chaining commands, and regular expressions among other topics.

It is open to anyone with or without experience using the command line.

Attendees should bring a laptop along with macOS 10.12 or 10.13 installed and connected to the conference WiFi.

Tony is currently a systems engineer and responsible for managing over 9,000 iOS devices and 300 Macs. With over thirty five years in the industry he has had a myriad of roles including C programmer, Unix systems administrator, IT Manager, support specialist and Associate Editor of Australian Macworld. He has presented at X World a number of times including workshops on bash and python and presentations on using netBoot and DeployStudio and iOS programming.