Photogrammetry: Techniques for Independent Game Developers

Sean Backhouse, Justin Carter and Ross Mclennan Part of CW18

Photogrammetry involves the process of accurately measuring photographic image properties in order to acquire information relating to surface detail. Information collected during this photogrammetric analysis is then applied to computational models that attempt to accurately recreate three dimensional representations from the image data.

The use of photogrammetry by the video game industry is on the rise as developers attempt to use these techniques to create more realistic three dimensional assets in shorter time frames. This shift in production methodology has implications for independent developers of games that typically work in smaller teams with less funding.

This paper provides an overview of an investigation into what implications exist for independent developers by first investigating current applications of photogrammetry adopted by the games industry. These techniques are then explored through a practice-led research approach that aims to investigate solutions for independent developers. Finally the paper presents a cost effective strategy for independent developers to effectively create real-time game assets.