2012 /dev/world Sessions

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Feature Presenters

James Cuda
Founder, Savage Interactive

James is an entrepreneur with his head in the clouds, yet his feet firmly on the ground. He is an award winning designer, an accomplished artist and a formidable gamer.

Founder of Savage Interactive, one of the premier iOS developers focused on mobile software for the professional artist, James was instrumental in the design and development of the multi award winning illustration app, Procreate for iPad.

Procreate reached number 1 on the AppStore in several countries around the globe shortly after its release in 2011–pushing out big name titles such as Angry Birds–a feat which Procreate has now done many times over. Procreate was also hand picked and featured by Apple as the coveted App of the Week, not once, but twice in stores around the globe.

Scott Brewer
Co-founder and CTO at Art Processors Pty Ltd

Art Processors are the Melbourne based company responsible for the mobile application, “The O”, deployed at Hobart’s Museum of Old and New Art.  The O is the world’s first mobile guide designed to completely remove wall labels at an Art Gallery; The O went live in January 2011 and has been used by over 500,000 visitors to Mona since.  After the success of The O Art Processors decided to take the concepts of The O and turn them into the Enso Platform, allowing ease of roll out to other galleries and cultural institutions who were interested in working with new technology to enrich their visitor experience.

Awarded AUC student scholarships to attend WWDC in both 2007 and 2008 Scott has been working in the Mac and iOS domains for a number of years.  In this presentation Scott will talk about the making of The O for MONA, some of the challenges faced in turning The O (a bespoke solution) into the Enso Platform, and turning a motley crew of solo developers into the fighting force that is Art processors.

Stream Session Presenters

Building a “Wrapper” Application in iOS and HTML5 CSS3
Paul Beaumont, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology 

Sounds Good! – Computer Generated Audiorecording available icon
Sebastian Beswick, University of Tasmania 

Git Like A Rockstar!recording available icon
Paris Buttfield-Addison, University of Tasmania 

Introduction to GCD and Blocksrecording available icon
Adam Debono, University of Wollongong 

Apple Push Notifications for Fun and Profit
Robert Gardam, Griffith University 

Responsive Web Designrecording available icon
Matt Gray, Australian National University 

Developing novice-focused debugging tools for C using LLVM and Clang on OS X
Matthew Heinsen Egan, University of Western Australia 

Custom Interface Controls from Scratch for Mac & iOSrecording available icon
Douglas Heriot, University of Wollongong 

Programming for Mobilityrecording available icon
Judit Klein, Auckland University of Technology 

Maximum Tweakabilityrecording available icon
Jon Manning, University of Tasmania 

Finding the “Unsuck” Button: Design Patterns, Testing, Refactoring, and Coding Like You Know What You’re Doing
Justin Marrington, University of Queensland 

Breathing life into dinosaur courses using DTrace
Chris McDonald, University of Western Australia 

“Hello, Robot” – TCP and Bonjour from a robotics perspectiverecording available icon
Peter Morton, University of Sydney 

App UI Usability
Alex Motyka, University of Sydney 

Sensible Web API Design for people who really should know betterrecording available icon
Chris Neugebauer, University of Tasmania 

You Shall Not Parse! – Gandalf approved backend development
Tim Nugent, University of Tasmania 

Developing for the Web in 2013: Creating HiDPI Web Sitesrecording available icon
Tim Oliver, Edith Cowan University 

Web Services and Cocoarecording available icon
Tim Raphael, Murdoch University 

Adventures in the Objective-C Runtimerecording available icon
Matthew Robinson, Curtin University of Technology 

Hot Knife Through Butter: How to achieve smooth scrolling in UITableViewrecording available icon
Jimmy Ti, Queensland University of Technology 

Integrating the <video> element with HTML5
Thomas Verbeek, University of Otago

Erndersterndin Web APIs in Objective Crecording available icon
Nic Wittison, University of Tasmania 

OpenGL ES and GLKit: Valuable Assets for Hardware-Accelerated Visuals
Mustafa Youldash, La Trobe University