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We’re deeply indebted to our sponsors, who have contributed substantially to our ability to bring you high quality speakers, and keep prices as low as possible. Please show them your support during X World.

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Does ‘efficiently negotiating progressive alignments by dynamically enabling hyper-scale communities’ make you break out in hives?

Us too!

We’re a collective of specialists, learners, educators, engineers, geeks and creatives helping schools discover and use technology in meaningful ways. Our work impacts thousands of kids and builds better educational experiences in classrooms across the country.

Learning is our gig, and we dive head first into any opportunity to find out about new things, whether it’s mainlining coffee at 3am to watch the latest keynote, spending the weekend elbows-deep in a box of robots, or building and breaking the latest tools to see what makes them tick.

We live and breathe the Apple ecosystem because we wouldn’t have it any other way. Those interesting ‘in between’ spaces where Apple and other technologies coexist is our happy place, and we can help to make it your happy place too.

We’re super proud to support X World because when our community grows, awesome things happen.

We hope you enjoy the conference – please say hi and tell us about the great stuff you’re doing!

Learn more at http://www.eduadv.com.au


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Ensuring your users’ software is up-to-date on your fleet of Macs can be a tedious, time-consuming process. Mondada takes the headache out of Mac software deployment, by proactively providing you with the most up-to-date versions of your software — tested and packaged in a consistent format ready for use with your software deployment tools of choice

Not all packages are created equal. With the wide variety of — and inconsistency between — software installers used by vendors, software packaging can become a never-ending process. These can vary from software titles distributed using Apple’s preferred packaging mechanisms, to those developed using proprietary and non-standard techniques, to those with no packaging mechanism whatsoever.

Mondada delivers consistent packages in line with Apple’s best practices regardless of the originally installation mechanism provided by the software vendor. Consistency results in reduced overheads in training and support. By being deployment tool-agnostic, Mondada’s packages can be installed not only by any software deployment tool, but also manually as well.

Whilst in-house packaging may seem viable at the outset, the inconsistent nature and constant release of software updates often makes this prohibitive. Mondada does away with per-package pricing. We provide a consistent and reliable weekly packaging service for a single annual fee, based on the number of Macs in your environment. There is no limit to the number of application packages you can request, and software updates are included.

Mondada have been operating their macOS packaging service since 2009 and are experts at package creation, often providing packages that are superior to Installer packages created by the software vendors themselves.

Learn more at http://mondada.com.au