X World Call for Presenters

The X World 2018 call for presenters is now open, and you can make submissions using the form below.

Financial support to help speakers cover some of the costs associated with presenting at X World is available to those who require it. See our PresenterĀ Support page for more details.

Potential speakers are also directed to our Code of Conduct, which may affect how and what you present.

Like to present, but want topic inspiration? Check out the Requests Board – ideas for talks that others would like to see.

Personal Information

Mobile Preferred (include country code e.g. +61 4 1234 5678)
Please provide the name of the company or institution that you work for. You can leave this blank if you work for yourself, or do not want your employer associated with your talk.
Describe your current role and your responsibilities at your workplace. Please write this as a third-person bio, suitable for publication in the conference guide. Please limit to no more than 200 words.

Presentation Outline

This is the title that will be used in the program - please keep it short.
Venue lab availability is not guaranteed at this point. Being able to run a workshop on machines that delegates bring with them is preferable (if not always convenient).
Presentations should be either 30 or 45 minutes long. Longer sessions may also be acceptable if they're deemed relevant. Workshops are normally around 3 hours in length, but we may be able to accommodate one or two full-day workshops if they are deemed relevant, and we may accept 90 minute workshops under some circumstances.
Outline your presentation or workshop, what technical fields it will cover, and your intended audience.
Include any equipment you will require (e.g. data projector, document camera, iPad, etc), latest OS X build (e.g. requires Server 5.0, etc), installed Apple or third party software (e.g. Xcode, BBEdit, PHP, etc). We will confirm these closer to the event. Please note that lab availability may be limited, and special requirements for lab sessions may be difficult to set up. If you're proposing a workshop that can be run on delegate-owned laptops, please indicate software requirements so we can provide this to delegates well in advance of the conference.
Please include any other information about your presentation/workshop you think is relevant including any previous AUC events you have attended or presented at.