Going Mobile: enabling anytime, anywhere access to learning content, information and expertise in your University

Richard Stals, Edith Cowan University Part of CW12

How can we leverage the devices that staff and students are bringing onto campus, their own iPod, iPhones, iPads? How can we enable anytime, anywhere access to learning content, information and expertise? What applications do we need to develop to allow our community to take control of their own learning journey with us?

This presentation will explore the open-source framework, ‘Kurogo’ – a Mobile Middleware for developing content-rich mobile websites and iOS and Android apps. The core of Kurogo is a lightweight PHP framework that aggregates and organizes raw, decentralized data sources from your enterprise systems and delivers them through a mobile web experience and native companion applications.

We will explore how to get the framework up and running and connect some of the more common University data sources. We will briefly look at the iOS application project in Xcode as a first step in releasing your own University iPhone app.
I will also introduce you to the newest Kurogo module, which I have developed, that connects to your Learning Management System (we will be using Blackboard).

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