Simple Lighting & Show Control with Quartz Composer

Douglas Heriot, University of Wollongong Part of CW12

Live events and installations these days can require many different systems for control.

Individually things like MIDI and DMX are pretty simple, but if you want to integrate these separate systems things start getting more complicated.

In this presentation I’ll talk about some common protocols used for control of different systems (MIDI, OSC, DMX, Art-Net), and how we can work with them on our Macs.
Quartz Composer is a great simple solution to quickly process this data without having to do any programming! It can synchronise & control these systems to do whatever you can imagine, and render live 3D graphics too.

I’ll show how to build some fun demos where MIDI and audio can control lighting and video systems, possibly even with audience involvement through web sockets in modern mobile browsers.

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