What property students may learn from playing games

Steven Boyd, University of the Sunshine Coast Part of CW12

Learning in property programs may be enhanced through gameplay.  Games are, by their nature, fun problem solving activities enabling students to gain skills and build knowledge through participation.  With property education the problem with gameplay lies with the lack of alignment between what an individual student may learn from playing a game and the intended learning outcomes of a university program.

This research will investigate the opportunities for enhancing learning through playing content situated property games.  As an emergent research field only SimCity has been empirically tested leaving Monopoly variants and other popular property games free from pedagogical assessment.

This presentation presents a review of literature into game enhanced learning as it may apply to property studies, followed by an analysis of existing property games, and observations from situated gameplay.  The experiential learning approach utilises a rubric to assess the gameplay alignment with the skills and attributes sought after by stakeholders in property education.  It will identify gameplay attributes inherent in existing property games which may enhance the learning experience for university students studying property.

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