Puppet for Developers – “Intermediate” SOE

Christian Unger, University of Queensland

This workshop is intended to bridge the gap between developers & system
administrators and deals with intermediated SOE focused topic, with the
goal of supporting the full development framework used by developers
through the use of Puppet.

It covers:

  • Leveraging your SOE to help other teams in your organisation;
  • Puppet to assist in the deployment and maintenance of developing
  • projects;
  • Managing “complex” Puppet installations
  • Creation of a real fact;
  • Leveraging Puppet’s programming features.

Coverage also includes

  • Pitfalls arising due to the different goals/needs of software developers
  • and system administrators;
  • Providing a more rapidly deployable kickstart environment;
  • Implementing a disaster recoverable SOE infrastructure;
  • Manual failing over between Puppetmasters; and
  • Implementing/upgrading a Puppetmaster that uses Passenger.

The primary basis for the software used is CentOS 6.2 with the SOE being
Enterprise Linux. There is also a strong focus on leaving SELinux enabled.

This workshop expands on my other workshop “Building a Standard Operating
Environment on Linux”, however it stands largely alone. Never the less the
two workshops should ideally be attended in sequence, with much of the
example code being extended from the first workshop. The concepts apply to
Linux/Unix or OS X, however the primary technical focus remains on Puppet.

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Building a Standard Operating Environment on Linux

Christian Unger, University of Queensland

This workshop is intended to introduce an audience of technical staff to
the concepts associated with building a standardised operating environment
for the server environment. It covers with full worked examples how to

  • a repository server using;
  • a kickstart environment; and
  • a Puppetmaster to manage the fleet of servers.

The biggest single focus of the workshop is introducing the audience to
Puppet which occupies approximately two thirds of the workshop and is
platform agnostic. The course features Puppet examples for both Linux/Unix
and OS X.

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Jenny Rhodes, University of NewcastlePart of XW12

A case study of the setup and support of the University of Newcastle’s council meetings into the paperless meeting space. Basic MDM for security and looking at what would be done differently if the project had access to the Apple Configurator tool. From concept to implementation and the ongoing support. This presentation will appeal to other universities that are concerned with mass managed deployment of iOS devices.

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Arek Dreyer

Dreyer Network ConsultantsPart of XW12

Arek Dreyer is a Chicago, USA based author, courseware developer and computer consultant, expert in Mac OS X and directory services in Mac OS X Server. He is an Apple Certified Trainer and Apple Certified System Administrator and has been delivering system administration training for Apple Worldwide Training and Certification since 2002. He maintains expertise in Microsoft Windows and UNIX based environments, particularly Sun Solaris, Mac OS X has become his preferred platform, and he enjoys the challenge of heterogeneous networks like integration with Active Directory.

He has been a presenter at the Macworld Expo conference on many occasions and presented at X World in the past.

He is is the author of many books including; Apple Pro Training Series: OS X Lion Support Essentials; Apple Pro Training Series: OS X Lion Server Essentials and his new book on Managing iOS Devices with OS X Lion Server.

Arek will be a feature presenter at X World 2012 as well as run a number of workshops.

Contact Arek Dreyer

X World 2012 – Celebrating 10 Years!

Professional Development for OS X & iOS Administrators

We will be holding a 3 day hands-on training event specifically for University Technical staff who support and manage OS X and iOS devices.

X World will be held at the University of Technology, Sydney from the 4th to 6th July 2012 and will feature a wide range of presenters from the University and private sector as well as hands-on workshops so attendees can learn how to configure and administer OS X & iOS and implement it back in their own environments.

X World 2012 will also feature updates on Apple’s latest operating systems, as well as ample opportunity to network with colleagues at social events.

Registration closes on 27 June 2012 and subsidies for travel and accommodation are available from your local AUCDF Co-ordinator.

More information about X World 2012

Call For Articles For Wheels Digital

We’re starting production on the next issue of Wheels for the Mind and it will be our first all digital production.  We’re really excited to hear from our members who have multimedia examples of their work which they would like to highlight. This could be in the form of video, animation, audio, podcasts, images, HTML 5 examples and anything else that may be packaged into our next issue. The sky’s the limit and we want to explore and push as many boundaries as we can.

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Wheels Autumn 2012 Edition

The Autumn 2012 issue of Wheels for the Mind is now available for download. This issue includes:

  • Shaping the new padagogy
  • iPads in the Top End
  • The Sound of Concussion
  • Re-imagining the Art of Film
  • AUC & Apple Updates

and much more including the popular Crossword competition where you could win an iPod nano.

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iOS SDK Workshops

We are pleased to announce 75 partially funded places to our iOS SDK workshop to be held in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide during May 2012.

The 3 day hands-on workshop is aimed specifically at students who study computing science, computer engineering, information technology, mathematics, creative arts/design or related disciplines and/or have an interest in developing applications for portable devices such as the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

Staff from member Universities are also welcome to apply.

Spaces are limited and applicants will need to complete an application form and pay a deposit to be considered for this workshop.

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X World 2012 – Call for Presenters

X World is our major training event for OS X and iOS system administrators. It takes the form of a 3-day conference from 4-6 July 2012 at UTS, Sydney and will feature keynote presentations, hands-on workshops, lecture presentations and a number of social events to facilitate networking. X World 2012 will cater for up to 200 attendees, and is the largest single training event we will undertake this year.

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