CreateWorld 2018 CFP – Presentation Submissions

Before making your presentation offer, please note the following:

  • Accepted presentations will receive free registration to CreateWorld.
  • Financial support to help cover some of the costs associated with attending CreateWorld is available to those who require it. See our Presenter Support page for more details.
  • Presenters are directed to our Code of Conduct, which may affect how and what you present.

Personal Information

Mobile Preferred (include country code e.g. +61 4 1234 5678)
Please provide the name of the institution or company that you work for. You can leave this blank if you work for yourself, or do not want your employer associated with your offer.

Presentation Details

This is the title that will be used in the program - please keep it short.
Presentations should be either 30 minutes or 45 minutes in length. If you need a session duration of some other length, please outline the reasoning below in the "Other Information" section.
Identify what will be covered, and why it will be useful. This will help delegates decide whether it is for them, or they should attend another session.
Presentation rooms will include a projector, but you will need to provide your own laptop or tablet to present from. Identify any other requirements here.
Provide some information about yourself that is suitable for use as a bio in the CreateWorld program. Write this in the 3rd person.
Provide any additional information about you, or the presentation you're proposing here.