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Enhancing creativity in the teaching and learning process is a priority for Adobe. We believe that both students and educators can have a positive impact on a massive scale, if they have the ability to think, collaborate and communicate creatively. Industry is crying out to employ people who can creatively come up with solutions to problems that are yet to exist and Adobe have the tools to help make this a reality. Adobe is committed to supporting educators with a wide range of software and training support solutions to help improve learning outcomes.

Check out Adobe’s recent research on what employers are wanting.

With close to 3500,000 educators as members, the Adobe Education Exchange  is Adobe’s main portal for educators. It provides a wide range of resources including regular live and recorded professional learning opportunities.

The Adobe Certified Associate qualifications are widely recognised by a range of industries and well worth encouraging students and teachers to consider. These are managed locally via Xcerio.

If you are passionate about Adobe in Education, consider joining the new global Adobe Campus Leader Program.

The AUC extends its thanks to Adobe for its sponsorship of CreateWorld 2014 – 2016.


Xcerio is a major Adobe business partner, and specialises in building and validating digital proficiency skills that lead to industry recognised certifications. They advise and educate community, academic, industry and government organisations to demonstrate how digital literacy and proficiency can advance an individual and an economy.


We’d like to thank MAC1 and Little Bird Electronics for contributing to the conference Expo area, and for supporting CreateWorld through presentations and workshops.

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