CreateWorld Call for Participation

CreateWorld encourages paper, poster, exhibition, performance, presentation and workshop submissions relating to our 2017 topic, Creativity on the Move. Other submissions will be considered, but we strongly recommend keeping the topic in mind. Our goal is to develop a strong, productive conversation amongst all attendees.

The ascendancy of mobile computing is a defining characteristic of computer technology over the last decade. The increasing power and decreasing size of mobile computing platforms has created new opportunities for teachers, artists, performers, developers, gamers and people in almost every other walk of life, allowing them to discover, create, explore, and share experiences in new ways. For CreateWorld 2017 we want to take a closer look at how mobile devices empower us, to explore the ways in which we interact with them, and consider what’s over the horizon.

Proposals can include a focus on new technologies, techniques or approaches in theoretical or practical aspects of the digital arts including photography, cyber-art, music, e-learning, film, animation and design. Submissions that relate to or make use of Apple technology are more likely to be selected than those that do not.

Examples of sub-topics that might be addressed include:

  • Teaching software development both for and on mobile devices
  • New ways to explore creativity through AR (Augmented Reality)
  • Social connectivity through physical material. How are digital objects extending our sense of community and shared experience?
  • New materiality: physical computing and art practice
  • Complexity and data-driven objects: how is data awareness creating new modes of physical experience?
  • Redefining user experience

Presenters are directed to our Code of Conduct, which may affect how and what you present.

Submissions will only be considered where at least one proposer will register and be in attendance at the conference.

Submission Requirements

An accepted (following peer review) full paper of 5-8 pages will be published in the CreateWorld 2017 proceedings, and will be accompanied by a 20-minute presentation at the conference. Full-paper PDF files must be submitted using CreateWorld’s Word template. Submissions for this category will be managed by the EasyChair service. Each submission will be reviewed by at least 3 members of the program committee. The review will be a blind review (reviewers not aware of author/affiliations, so please ensure your submission does not include author details).

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Posters will be allotted wall space at the conference venue, with electricity and internet connectivity by request; abstracts will be published in the CreateWorld 2017 proceedings. Submit an abstract of 1 page maximum, using CreateWorld’s Word template. Abstracts will be selected by conference chairs based on quality, relevance, originality, and impact. Submissions for this category will be managed by the EasyChair service. Each submission will be reviewed by at least 3 members of the program committee. The review will be a blind review (reviewers not aware of author/affiliations, so please ensure your submission does not include author details).

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Presentations can be on any subject related to the conference goals – for example, discussing a software product or category, approaches to teaching with technology, or using technology in innovative ways. They are given are 30 or 45 minutes during the conference. Presentations are not peer-reviewed, and are not published in the CreateWorld proceedings.

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Submissions for inclusion in the conference exhibition can include interactive works, performances, screenings, installations, et cetera. While works that respond to the 2017 theme Creativity on the Move will be given preferential consideration, we welcome submission of other projects.

The bulk of the conference exhibition will be staged in a single area, but there is scope for other, alternative presentations around the campus of the Queensland College of Art.

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Workshops are delivered in a hands-on classroom-style approach with the intent that delegates learn specific skills. These are intended as opportunities for academics, teachers, professionals, and other practitioners to discuss and experiment with current technologies. We encourage workshops on topics and technologies that are relevant to the conference’s theme and subthemes.

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  • Deadline for second round submissions is 9PM AEDT, Fri Oct 27, 2017
  • Acceptances notified by 5PM, Wednesday Nov 1, 2017 or earlier
  • All paper and poster final revisions due by 5PM, Wednesday 22 Nov, 2017

Enquiries and Questions

For further information, please use these contacts: