CreateWorld Call for Participation

Image by Kate McLean on Unsplash

Important update June 1, 2024: We’ve decided to put CreateWorld on hold until later in the year. We’ll post details of new dates for the event here as soon as we have them. We’ll be opening another CFP shortly – please check back here soon.

The AUC’s goal is to provide welcoming and professional environments so that people can work together to share their experience in the use of Apple technology, to develop as leaders in the use of Apple technology, and to inspire and foster innovative use of Apple technology. The CreateWorld conference is the AUC’s event to celebrate the ways in which Apple technologies are used in and drive forward creativity and learning.

Each year, the CreateWorld conference has a theme intended to drive discussion and submissions around technologies and use cases that are most relevant to the world in that moment. The theme chosen for CreateWorld 2024 is “Creativity & Place”.

This theme will explore the idea of place and its profound relationship with creativity in both real and virtual contexts. The conference aims to delve into the dynamic interplay between artistic expression, physical locations, and virtual environments.

Throughout history, artists and creators have drawn inspiration from the places they inhabit and visit, resulting in unique and impactful works of art. The emergence of virtual spaces and the integration of AI technologies have further expanded the possibilities for site-specific works.

This conference seeks to explore the multifaceted aspects of creativity in relation to place, particularly focusing on the following areas:

  1. Site-specific Art and Design: Presentations and discussions on traditional and contemporary site-specific works, including installations, performances, sculptures, and interactive experiences that respond directly to physical stimulus.
  2. Virtual environments: Exploration of creativity within virtual realms, such as immersive digital experiences, virtual reality (VR), and their capacity to inspire and inform creative expression.
  3. Creative endeavours that explore the intersection of physical and digital environments, including photogrammetry, digital twins and augmented reality (AR).

We welcome submissions from educators, researchers, artists, students, and practitioners across disciplines. Submissions can take the form of presentations, academic papers, artistic presentations, demonstrations, workshops or panel proposals. We also encourage submissions from first nations practitioners, recognising their custodianship of the lands upon which we live and work, and their long history of creative expression inspired by their unique link to place.

Topics of interest for paper and presentation submissions include but are not limited to:

  • The role of context and environment in artistic creation
  • Case studies of site-specific works in various mediums
  • Technological advancements shaping the creative process
  • Virtual reality and its influence on spatial creativity
  • Ethical considerations of AI in site-specific works
  • AI-generated or AI-assisted art installations and performances
  • Place-making and cultural identity in the virtual world
  • The impact of AI on the perception and experience of physical places

Important Things to Know

If you want to present at this event, you will need to read and agree to our policies. These are very important, so please don’t skip them.

Making a Submission

AUC events are very welcoming of first-time speakers, and anyone at any level of their career or speaking experience is welcome to participate in the CFP. If you’d prefer to discuss a talk or workshop idea in person, please email contributions @ – be sure to provide some contact details so that we can get in touch with you.

Make a submission


Once submissions are received, the conference team will review them and may request clarifications or additional information. Accepted submissions will be notified by or before the dates listed below in the timeline. If your submission is not accepted, you will be notified.

Presenters of accepted submissions will received a complimentary conference registration, and travel and accommodation support (within defined limits).

Please check back soon for revised CFP dates.

  • First round CFP closes 23 Mar, 2024 08:00pm (AEDT)
  • Second round CFP (if required) closes 6th April, 2024 at 5pm AEST.
  • First round acceptances notified by April 2nd, 2024, others soon thereafter.
  • Presentations in Brisbane at the event June 26-28, 2024