X World 2017 Call for Presenters

X World is our annual training event for OS X and iOS system administrators and support staff, and will be held at UTS, Sydney. This year the event will run June 29-30. If sufficient presentation and workshop offers are received, we plan to expand the event to Wednesday June 28.

We are now calling for presenters who wish to offer sessions and workshops at this year’s event. If you have a background in the installation, configuration, deployment, or on-going administration of OS X based systems, or experience in iOS deployment, management and app development, or if you work in related areas, we’d really like to hear from you. Presenters receive free registration to X World, and qualify for subsidised flights and/or accommodation.

The call for presentations is now open, and closes Monday April 24, 2017, at 5pm Sydney time. Offers can be made by completing the submission form.

More information, including ticket pricing, final dates, and the event program details will be posted shortly after the CFP closes.

CreateWorld Success

CreateWorld was held once again at Griffith University’s South Bank campus on December 8-9. This year’s event was a great success, and we thank everyone involved for their participation. Here’s what others are saying:

Makeblock and Mbot

Part of CreateWorld 2016

Little Bird Electronics

Makeblock and the Mbot range are not just your regular off the shelf STEM project in a kit form. Makeblock, which is the programming environment based upon the Scratch framework and the Mbot range offer true creativity with robotics. Using precisely made and interchangeable chassis, mechanical and electronic components, there is no limit to what can be created and explored from all terrain robots to drawing machines. Makeblock and Mbots are designed to make learning and understanding the underlying technology and engineering pleasurable and that makes them the perfect tools for creative expression.

Dancers & Technology, a Collaboration Celebrating “Corporeal Difference”

Part of CreateWorld 2016

Sonia York-Pryce

This paper examines the role of dancers who extend beyond the paradigm of age and their contribution to current dialogues in the field of dance through film documentation. This project aims to make visible the older dancer through film giving new materiality and value by celebrating the older body on screen. The research seeks to investigate which is the preferred performing body, the youthful or the mature? These older dancers choose to ignore the rationale and perform which In turn could be considered inappropriate behaviour by the western dance world. There is a need for the mature dancer to be acknowledged not only for their ‘corporeal difference’ but recognition that their practice rather than their age defines them.

Human-machine Agency in Interactive Music Systems

Part of CreateWorld 2016

Andrew Brown, Griffith University

Much of my creative work involves the design and use of algorithmic music systems intended to facilitate a close creative partnership between musician and machine. But what does it mean to design and construct such instruments, to make an interactive music system with a sense of creative agency that evokes a rich sense of creative interplay? In this presentation I will discuss some of the issues that arise for me in this activity; examining both conceptual and design perspectives in the context of making and playing original interactive musical systems and devices.

Mobile App Design with Adobe Experience Design

Part of CreateWorld 2016

Richard Turner-Jones, Adobe

Up until now UI and UX designers have had to juggle multiple tools to plan, develop and review their mobile apps. Looking to address the need for a single streamlined application, Adobe Experience Design (XD) has been released. Designed and developed from the ground up and actively involving the creative community, it brings wireframing, design and rapid prototyping of desktop and mobile app development under one application.

This workshop, which will be run by Richard Turner-Jones (Adobe Solutions Consultant across all three Clouds) looks to develop an application from idea to interactive review, highlighting tools and workflows that bring the rapid to RAD (Rapid Application Development).

HTML Animations & Mobile App Development with Adobe Animate CC

Part of CreateWorld 2016

Richard Turner-Jones, Adobe

Adobe Animate CC (formerly known as Flash Professional CC) is an application with a rich history of animated and interactive content creation. Whilst Flash output is still forefront it shares that stage equally with additional content types. Mobile friendly formats including HTML5 and WebGL, video export up to 4K and iOS & Android mobile app development, testing and deployment are all part of this creative tool box.

This workshop, which will be run by Richard Turner-Jones (Adobe Solutions Consultant across all three Clouds) will demonstrate core functionality of Animate CC, including HTML5 and Video output as well as Mobile App publishing. In addition the workflow for content creation and enhancement with the Creative Cloud tools will be exhibited.

Adobe’s 3D Solutions with Photoshop, Fuse and Project Felix

Part of CreateWorld 2016

Richard Turner-Jones, Adobe

Creative content has evolved from the two-dimensional space of the printed page to an immersive experience of rich media. 3D tools have traditionally had a steep learning curve and difficult to quickly achieve results.

With that in mind Adobe’s design apps brings a rapid and intuitive workflow to the third dimension, whether generating images, characters for games and videos or 3D printed objects.

This workshop, which will be run by Richard Turner-Jones (Adobe Solutions Consultant across all three Clouds) will demonstrate adding extra dimensions to the creative work flow with Adobe Fuse (Preview) for creating humanoid characters, Photoshop’s box of tools for creation, texturing, rendering and 3D printing as well as the recently announced Project Felix (Beta).

Collaborative Design of a Virtual Community: Engaging Students through Online Simulation

Part of CreateWorld 2016

Caroline Robinson, Ryun Fell, Tracey Parnell, Rachel Rossiter, Jane McCormack and Kerri Hicks

‘Riverina Shore’ is a virtual community which has been developed within the School of Community Health at Charles Sturt University as an online learning resource for students. The virtual community is presented as an attractive webpage in which client scenarios are embedded in a range of community places and spaces.

This project used activity theory to inform the process of interdisciplinary collaboration between diverse groups of practitioners to create this virtual community. A reimagining of the academic hierarchy facilitated effective collaboration between media technologists, educational designers, practitioners and academics to enable the development of authentic resources. The value of Riverina Shore as a virtual community is the participation of real people in the development of the audio-visual resources. Real people, telling their unscripted story in authentic contexts, ensures that the ‘messiness and complexity’ of their lived experience is not diluted. Simulation scenarios must be truly contextual, reflecting effectively the real life tensions and issues which people cope with on a daily basis.

The evaluation feedback from students, practitioners and academics demonstrates clearly the value of these authentic narratives in facilitating critical thinking, clinical reasoning and visualising opportunities for inter-professional practice. The learning benefits of these scenarios in which students can see clearly the connections between person – family – environment – occupation, may be more extensive than is possible through the use of digital stories. This virtual community could be used effectively to help prepare students for workplace learning experiences, especially in terms of empathy development and holistic person-focused care.