/dev/world 10th Anniversary!

/dev/world is back for its tenth year, from August 28 to August 30, once again in the heart of Melbourne at RMIT.

If you want to learn about iOS and OS X development, this is the one event in Australia you don’t want to miss. This year’s event will be our biggest yet with more than 35 sessions and workshops packed with great technical content on developing for Apple devices.

Our keynotes this year include Sal Soghoian (http://macosxautomation.com), Marc Edwards (Bjango), Russell Ivanovic (Shifty Jelly), Matt Gallagher (Cocoa With Love), and Jake MacMullin (Stripy Sock), and we have many other sessions on a huge range of topics, as well as great pre-conference workshops (included with all tickets) on Behaviour Driven Development, App Design, giving great technical presentations, and game development.

Early-bird sales close 9pm AEST, July 21, and all tickets sales close 9pm AEST August 21, 2017. Learn more at http://devworld.com.au, and register at http://devworld.eventbrite.com.au.

/dev/world/2017 is proudly presented by the AUC, with support from Commonwealth Bank, Education Advantage, Outware, Redbubble, Secret Lab, O’Reilly Media, Bugsee, and RMIT.

How to Make Squanch Happen!

Ben Greiner, Forget ComputersPart of XW17

Ben doesn’t know squanch about anything technical. But he knows what people want — people want squanch to do the squanch it promises to do. Ben works very hard to provide people with working squanch. When squanch doesn’t work, Ben gets involved and finds a way to make squanch happen. You may have guessed that Ben’s biggest challenge is not making tech-squanch happen, it’s communicating the tech-squanch to people who don’t read squanch! In this session, you’ll learn how to engage people to get involved and make your squanch happen.

The intended audience is forward-thinking IT Admins who realize they need to evolve from desk jockeys to leaders in communication. Otherwise, they risk being replaced by robots or eaten by zombies.

Ben Greiner, President of Forget Computers, is insanely focused on elevating the power of teams using Apple technology, and has been since 1998. At Forget Computers, Ben leads a team of Apple experts on a mission to transform IT delivery worldwide, using the most intelligent tools, clear communication, compelling thought leadership and a positively fun attitude!

You Won’t Believe These 4 Techniques to Make Your Macs More Secure

Jon Rhoades, St. Vincent’s InstitutePart of XW17

This talk was inspired by the Australian Signal Directorate’s Top 35 Mitigation Strategies. These “Strategies to Mitigate Cyber Security Incidents” were formulated by the ASD in response to nation state hacking of Australian Organisations and as of 2013 the top four strategies are mandatory for Australian Government computers .

This talk looks at the rationale behind each strategy and looks at how to apply them to managing Mac OS X computers, servers (ha!) and iOS devices.

This talk is for anybody who owns an Apple device!

Jon is currently the IT Manager at St Vincent’s Institute – a medical research institute in Melbourne affiliated with the University of Melbourne.

Jon started his Mac career making truly horrific videos of surgical operations and after realising he was never going to get a job in Hollywood with his showreel of videos of people’s bowels being cut out, he moved to administering Macs instead.  Jon & SVI have been running Munki at SVI since 2010 and legend has it that SVI was the first Munki site in Australia.*

*Probably not true.

JamfWay 2017

Erin Miska, JAMF SoftwarePart of XW17

Erin MiskaThe Patch Team LogoGet a behind-the-scenes look at how new features make their way into Jamf Pro. Hear what Jamf has been up to in the first half of 2017, and what exciting new things are planned for the rest of the year.

Erin started using the Casper Suite at age 16 as a student tech. (Yes, it used to be called “Casper Suite”.) She has worked for Jamf since version 7.3, when iOS support was first added to the product. She’s currently working with a team of engineers to make patching easier for Jamf customers.

X World Registrations Now Open!

Sessions details for most X World 2017 sessions have now been posted, with more to come soon, and registrations are now open. Early-bird registrations close 9pm AEST, 2 June, 2017 – be sure to register prior to then to obtain the best rate!

Thanks to the awesome regional MacAdmins community, we’ve got a great line-up of content and have a full day of optional workshops for the first time since 2012. Once again we’ve partnered with Jamf Software to bring you the latest information on OS X and iOS deployment.  We hope to see you there!

Introduction to Apple Device Management

Justin Krisko & Vasko Kirovski, JAMF SoftwarePart of XW17

Perfect for those new to managing Apple devices, this workshop will explain the concepts of MDM, what it can do, and what you need to know. Learn how to quickly deploy devices using Apple’s deployment programs, configure settings, and push out apps for both iOS and macOS. Enrol and manage your own test devices and see it working yourself. This workshop will be lead by local Jamf engineers – no sales pitch!


sudo jamf arrrrr: An Update on Jamf Patch Management

Erin Miska, JAMF SoftwarePart of XW17

Erin MiskaThe Patch Team LogoHear what our patch management team has been up to since JNUC 2016, what patch features are coming in Jamf Pro 10.0.0, and what’s going on in the Product Owner’s brain. (And if you’re confused by the session title, learn what “sudo jamf arrrrr” means.)

Erin started using the Casper Suite at age 16 as a student tech. (Yes, it used to be called “Casper Suite”.) She has worked for Jamf since version 7.3, when iOS support was first added to the product. She’s currently working with a team of engineers to make patching easier for Jamf customers.

MDM – the Magic of Device Management

Carrie Irvine, NorthTecPart of XW17

The days of simply maintaining the status quo in ICT are gone. Since beginning our research into the use of iPads in teaching and learning we’ve embraced the rapid pace of change in technology and the management systems which facilitate this. With our vision to deliver an ICT environment that meets the needs of the Polytechnic today and provides for ways we want to work in the future we’ve had to challenge the mindset that being an early adopter of new technology is “too risky”. In just a few years we’ve gone from tried and tested manual processes to an agile automated environment making use of the latest device management technology. I’ll share how we’ve supported improved outcomes and provided a better user experience for our staff and students, while refining our deployment systems and reducing the support overhead of maintaining our Apple devices

As part NorthTec’s Desktop Support team Carrie has been configuring and supporting Apple devices in a predominantly Windows environment since 2012. Being a relative newcomer to management of Apple devices has its challenges, but has made it easier for her to find a way forward amidst the paradigm shift from traditional device management to MDM. Carrie’s passion lies in automation, facilitating improvements to the user experience and supporting ongoing research into adoption of emerging technologies to improve student outcomes.

Simplifying L1 Tasks to Reduce Escalations

Stuart Lamont, Ivanhoe Grammar SchoolPart of XW17

Do you find yourself torn away from your desk to solve Helpdesk problems? Looking for ways to free up your time at the office to focus on the big-picture?

Sometimes, to make our own job easier, we need to make someone else’s job easier.

By leveraging the power of scripting, previously complex, time-consuming or repetitive tasks can be reduced to just a few clicks and keystrokes.

In this session, Stuart Lamont from Ivanhoe Grammar School will pull apart 5 of the tools the school has used to streamline Level 1 Helpdesk tasks so they (almost) never need to be escalated.

Stuart is the Apple Infrastructure Administrator at Ivanhoe Grammar School. With Several years experience in Apple Break/Fix on top of ACTC and JAMF Certifications, Stuart has both Hardware and Admin experience working with Apple Products in Education and Corporate environments over the past 7 years.

Over the past 3 years Stuart has changed the face of macOS Deployment at Ivanhoe Grammar School. An Active member of the Melbourne Apple Admins Community, Stuart has a keen interest in automating and simplifying Helpdesk tasks

Screencasting for dummies IT Professionals

James Smith, Culture AmpPart of XW17

Learn how to use engaging video content to support your customers/users and help get them back to work quicker without them even picking up the phone.

We’ll be covering a number of tools (both free and paid) to create screencasts that can be used in conjunction with support documentation.

What to Bring

Please bring your Mac with the ScreenFlow beta installed, I’ll provide a serial on the day which will give you full access to the software for 30 days. If you are bringing an iPhone or iPad, please also download Clips.

James is a Systems Engineer for Culture Amp, a 100 person startup based out of Melbourne, SF, NY, & London focussed on Employee Engagement.

In a previous life he has been a Barista, DJ, and Technical Director for corporate events.