Hop around with Lester – Education with Fun integrating QR, AR & AV Foundation

Desmond Koh, Queensland University of Technology Part of CW12

This presentation discusses the developmental journey of, and reflects on the experiences gained from, the design and development of “The Secret SLQ” app developed for The State Library of Queensland (http://secret.slq.qld.gov.au).
The Secret SLQ app is an interactive scavenger hunt that incorporates camera (Quick Respond (QR) & Augmented Reality (AR)) and sound technology (AVFoundation) to arouse school-aged students between 8 -12 years to explore the library. The app is designed in collaboration with the digital agency Reading Room (www.readingroom.com.au).
This presentation will teach you how to use and integrate some key features in this app into you own apps. In particular we will cover.

• How to integrate Quick Respond (QR) codes into our app that allow users to scan QR codes to answer questions.

• How to add Augmented Reality (AR) to augment images over to AR codes.

• The usage of Apple AVFoundation to detect sound level changes and some simple image processing, such as screen capturing and image manipulation.

• Finally the presentation will reflect on which iOS features worked well for the project, what challenges we had to work around to overcome during the development process and some useful tips and advise.

The presentation is particularly useful and beneficial for teachers, librarians and developers, as it could be used for university building and tours.


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