2015 X World Sessions

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JAMF Software Sessions

JAMF/Casper Update

Hear what’s new in the world of JAMF, and learn about the latest updates to the Casper Suite.

Apple Management Tips & Tricks – Casper Best Practise

One of the most popular sessions last year – come and talk Apple management tips and tricks, Casper best practise, challenges and obstacles with a panel of experts. Bring your questions, complaints and answers.

How the Casper Secret Sauce is Made

Hear from JAMFs head of development as he takes us behind the scenes at JAMF. Hear how it’s decided what features make it into the product, why that defect you filed is still not fixed, and what it’s like managing a team of developers.

Automating the Casper Suiterecording available icon

This session covers various ways to handle imaging, management and patching, with a focus on automating common functions.

Scaling Casper for Large Environmentsrecording available icon

If you’ve ever wondered how to tune and scale your Casper server to suit your environment, or how to make your setup more redundant, this is the session for you.


Community Sessions

Automating Boot Camp Installationrecording available icon
Craig Richardson, Macquarie University

Offer The Whopper – Providing Excellent Customer Service to Mac Usersrecording available icon
Peter Wells, UNSW Australia

Modern Open Source Mac Managementrecording available icon
Jon Rhoades, St Vincent’s Institute

iBeacons – The Coolest Apple Technology You’ve Never Heard Ofrecording available icon
Paul Cowan, University of Waikato

Apple IDs and the New Golden Trianglerecording available icon
Marcus Ransom, RMIT University

Linux Infrastructure to Support OS X Clientsrecording available icon
Duncan McCracken, Mondada Pty Ltd

OS X Packagingrecording available icon
Duncan McCracken, Mondada Pty Ltd



Charming The Snake – Python and IPython for System Administration
Tony Williams, Computers Now

Integrating OS X Server & AD
Joe Bazzano, Victorian Department of Education