2012 X World Sessions

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Feature Presentations

Arek Dreyer
Dreyer Network Consulting



Jenny Rhodes, University of Newcastle

Extending Lecture Recording Systems
Adam Reed, Australian National University

Integration of iOS/OSX Devices into an Enterprise Environment
Adam Ware, Queensland University of Technology

Best Practices for Apple Clients
William McGrath, University of Auckland

Designing up to date operating environments
Andrew Galka, University of Wollongong

To The iCloud!
Jon Rhoades & Peter Tonoli, University of Melbourne

Web-based iOS Configuration Management
Tim Bell, Trinity College, University of Melbourne

Rsync & Carbon Copy Cloner
Ashley Aitken, Curtin University

Effective Data Management
Aaron Tan, University of Melbourne

Munki Magic
Sam Dunster, University of Wollongong

The Goodthink Project
Dale Hills, Waikato University



Building a Standard Operating Environment on Linux
Christian Unger, University of Queensland

Puppet for Developers – “Intermediate” SOE
Christian Unger, University of Queensland

Building an SOE/MOE 
Adam Reed, Australian National University

Rapid prototype development of useful apps using Filemaker + Filemaker GO 12 for deployment on iPhones, iPods, iPads and Macs.
Alistair Campbell, Edith Cowan University

SNMP Monitoring of Devices using Lithium
Matthew Tilney, Australian National University

Understanding Profile Manager
Arek Dreyer, Dreyer Networking Consultants