2014 /dev/world Sessions

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Feature Presenters

Tom Greenaway

Tom GreenawayTom is a co-founder and director of Melbourne-based game developer Kumobius.

His games have sold over a million copies worldwide and reached the top 10 charts in over a dozen countries across the App Store.

Tom’s responsibilities spread across a wide range of disciplines include managing the business, game prototyping, tools development, marketing games and coordinating the production process.

Tom will deliver a keynote presentation on his work in the world of independent game development.

Marc Edwards

Marc EdwardsMarc is the founder and designer at Bjango, makers of iStat Menus, Skala and other great Mac, iPad and iPhone apps.

Marc also frequently writes design articles on Bjango’s website and has written for Smashing Magazine, including a chapter in Smashing Book 3.

He co-hosts Iterate, the mobile design podcast and occasionally talks at conferences (like this one!)

Marc will join us for a Q&A and Discussion session on his approach to software design for Apple platforms.

Paul Fenwick
Perl Training Australia

Paul FenwickPaul Fenwick is an internationally acclaimed public speaker, developer, and science educator. Paul is well known for presenting on a diverse range of topics including privacy, neuroscience and neuroethics, Klingon programming, open source, depression and mental health, advancements in science, diversity, autonomous agents, and minesweeper automation. His dynamic presentation style and quirky humour has delighted audiences worldwide.

Paul was awarded the 2013 O’Reilly Open Source award, and the 2010 White Camel award, both for outstanding contributions to the open source community.

Image credit: Joshua Button


Stream Session Presentations

A New View on Debugging for Novice Programmers
Matthew Heinsen Egan & Chris McDonald

App Store Experiment To 2 Million Downloads
Stuart Hall

Honey I Shrunk My App! – Mobile Second Done Rightrecording available icon
Adam Debono

Introduction to Arduino and HomeKitrecording available icon
Matt Gray

iOS High School
Melanie Tarr and David McMeekin

Making a Joint with SpriteKitrecording available icon
Richard Deveraux

Making Devices Talk with Peer to Peer Networkingrecording available icon
Judit Klein

Mastering Auto Layoutrecording available icon
Adam Shaw

Methods for Managing Myriad Modes: Multipeer Connectivity
Tim Nugent

Mobile and Accessibility
Gian Wild

Mobile Onboarding, Would You Like Some Help?
Nic Wittison

Jimmy Ti

Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtainrecording available icon
Josh Deprez

Performance as UX
Justin Howlett

Improve your apps with the power of SCIENCE!
James White

Quick and Dirty – Prototyping with PhoneGap
Tim Raphael

The App Store Doesn’t Owe You Anythingrecording available icon
Peter Wells

The Design and Engineering Process for an Indie iOS Game
Paris Buttfield-Addison

The Forgotten Art of Core Animation
Benjamin Taylor

The Pacifist’s Guide To Android
Christopher Neugebauer

The Quest for 60FPS: Graphics Optimisation on iOS
Tim Oliver

Tinkering with Object…what? Swift?recording available icon
Matthew D’Orazio

Tools and Tips for Prototyping Appsrecording available icon
Judit Klein

Tools, Tips and Tricks to Speed Up Your Development
Dan Nolan

Virtual Reality on a Budget
Steven Saunders

You had me at Install
Luke Goodman