2011 /dev/world Sessions

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Feature Presentations

Storytelling With Software
Josh Anon, Pixar

Creating Great Apps
Russell Ivanovic, Shifty Jelly


Stream Sessions

Using EventKit in iOSrecording available icon
Neil Ang, Victoria University

Well Managed Object Contextsrecording available icon
Mark Aufflick, Pumptheory

Porting Desktop OpenGL to iOSrecording available icon
Dr David Barnes, Monash University

AlexApp ‐ Interfacing Athletes to the iPhone
Ross Bool, University of Southern Queensland

Staying Openrecording available icon
Paris Buttfield-Addison, University of Tasmania

Creative Coding with Apple Devicesrecording available icon
Andrew Clayphan, University of Sydney

Extending Existing Applications – Good Practices for Writing APIs to Interact With New iOS Applications
Andrew Dekker & Justin Marrington, University of Queensland

An Introduction to the Bump API for iOS Applicationsrecording available icon
Zac Fitz-Walter, Queensland University of Technology

Will the Quick Hack become Agile Development?recording available icon
Jamie Gabriel, Macquarie University

The Power of Delegatesrecording available icon
Neil Gladwin, Queensland University of Technology

CSS Effectsrecording available icon
Matt Gray, Australian National University

Here and Now: Where am I? What is nearby?recording available icon
Judit Klein, Auckland University of Technology

In and Out of Core Datarecording available icon
Anthony Mittaz, Queensland University of Technology

UWAlk – Your University in Your Pocketrecording available icon
Chris McDonald, Gareth Davies, and Ahmed Khalaf, University of Western Australia

Making Mobile Web Services that Don’t Suckrecording available icon
Chris Neugebauer, University of Tasmania

Mastering MapKitrecording available icon
Tim Nugent, University of Tasmania

Getting Your App Out There – Marketing from the App Storerecording available icon
Tim Oliver, Edith Cowan University

Designing User Interfaces for iPhone and iPad Apps
Graeme Salter, University of Western Sydney

Objective-C Memory Management Essentialsrecording available icon
Steven Saunders, Macquarie University

Bringing iOS back to the Mac : Pleasing Lion with a Chameleon?recording available icon
Jimmy Ti, Queensland University of Technology

Introducing the Canvas element in HTML5recording available icon
Thomas Verbeek, University of Otago

Over-the-air Distribution for iOSrecording available icon
Tony Wang, Queensland University of Technology

Cloudy with a Chance of OAuthrecording available icon
Nic Wittison, University of Tasmania