2016 /dev/world Sessions

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Feature Presenters

Building an Entire iPhone App in an Hourrecording available icon
Marc Edwards, Bjango & Russell Ivanovic, Shifty Jelly

Paul Fenwick
Perl Training Australia

Paul FenwickPaul Fenwick is an internationally acclaimed public speaker, developer, and science educator. Paul is well known for presenting on a diverse range of topics including privacy, neuroscience and neuroethics, Klingon programming, open source, depression and mental health, advancements in science, diversity, autonomous agents, and minesweeper automation. His dynamic presentation style and quirky humour has delighted audiences worldwide.

Paul was awarded the 2013 O’Reilly Open Source award, and the 2010 White Camel award, both for outstanding contributions to the open source community.

Image credit: Joshua Button

Stream Session Presentations

On AB Testing
Hector Zarate, Spotify

Accessibility in the Land of Mac [The Good, The Bad, The Voice Over]
Aimee Maree

Add Some (Augmented) Reality to Your Apprecording available icon
Matt Gray, The Australian National University

Advanced Patterns for Functional Reactive Programming in Swiftrecording available icon
Sebastian Grail, Canva

Advanced Xcode: Configurations, Targets, and Schemesrecording available icon
Ashton Williams, Odecee

Apple and the Serpent: Writing native applications for Apple platforms in Pythonrecording available icon
Russell Keith-Magee, BeeWare Project

Architecting with a Differencerecording available icon
Carol Mak & Deline Neo, ThoughtWorks & Tyro Payments

Automate Your Life with Fastlane
Adam Shaw, Kabuki Vision

Building Apps like Lego. A Practical Guide for iOS Developers and Designers.recording available icon
Tom Brodhurst-Hill, BareFeetWare

Building Back-End for iOS and OS X Without Managing Serversrecording available icon
Donny Kurniawan, REA Group

Cocoa Design Patterns and Principlesrecording available icon
Matt Delves, Bilue

Creating Neural Networks with the Accelerate Frameworkrecording available icon
Axton Pitt

Design 101 for Programmersrecording available icon
James White, Colourfool Creative

Designing Engaging Motivational Appsrecording available icon
Zac Fitz-Walter, Eat More Pixels

Develop Swiftly: Useful Libraries, Tips and Tricks for Developing in Swiftrecording available icon
Jimmy Ti, Eat More Pixels

Developing Apps on iOS Devices Using Pythonrecording available icon
Chris Robinson, Aberfoyle Park High School

Great Apps Take Timerecording available icon
Phill Farrugia

HyperCardrecording available icon
Josh Deprez, Google Australia

I Have No Idea What I Am Doing: The Psychology of UX Designrecording available icon
Nic Wittison, Canva

Keep Calm and Pew Pew Pew!
Esther, Hivint

Let our Powers Combine. Earth! Fire! Wind! Water! …Apps?recording available icon
Jessica Lethbridge, UNSW Australia

Native vs Hybrid: The Never-Ending Battlerecording available icon
Mira Kim, FlexWare Ltd

Prototype and Design App Store ready Apps in Interface Builderrecording available icon
Jake Lin, REA Group

Planning Project Migrations to Swiftrecording available icon
Stephen Tramer, AOL

Size Classes or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love iOS 9 Split Screenrecording available icon
Tim Oliver, Realm

Spec-tacular Designrecording available icon
Sebastian Beswick, Domestic Cat Software

The Long Road To Finishing Short Projects: Producing Yourselfrecording available icon
Liam Esler

The Power ⚡️ and Responsibility ? of Unicode Adoption ✨recording available icon
Katie McLaughlin

UI Automation Tests Suck*recording available icon
Samantha Connelly, Tyro Payments

User Notifications in Depthrecording available icon
Sam Jarman, Sailthru

Using C Libraries in Modern Appsrecording available icon
Thomas Karpiniec, Asdeq Labs


A 10 Step Program For Great Tech Talks
VM Brasseur, HPE

CloudKit JS
Audrey Tam, RMIT

Swift TDD Workshop
Giovanni Lodi, mokacoding